Cat’s out of the bag. Almost every internet entrepreneur knows how easy it is now to start a t shirt business with Merch by Amazon. What people are less aware of is the amazing platform rolled out so people can sell on Etsy. This is another amazing opportunity to get in early with Etsy as they continue to expand their print on demand services. Etsy already has it’s own customer base, great backend support and easy to use interface that will make expanding your business a painless process. Look below for a detailed tutorial on how to get your store up and running in no time.

What is Etsy?

Etsy started out as a place for vintage and handmade goods to be sold on the internet. In the past few years, they have been adding production partners to compete with Amazon. Because of this they now accept sellers who make print on demand products (as long as you specify that you are a print on demand supplier, but more on that later). In the next couple years, Etsy is poised to grow a huge amount in the next few years. Their overall growth in the last month alone was over 22%! Needless to say it’s a great time to get started with Etsy.

Sell on Etsy with Printful!

You may be asking how Etsy handles the fulfillment of their products, and if it’s anything like the Amazon marketplace. There are many print on demand options for Etsy sellers, but the great thing about Printful is that it can be fully automated! Once your design is live you don’t have to do anything to fulfill it! Here’s a look at their current products available for print on demand (not pictured, towels).

Needless to say there’s a lot of mediums to work with.

Setting up Etsy

The best part is that Etsy is completely free to sign up for. The only fee is a $0.20 listing charge per item. If you use the link below, you get 40 free listings!

Sign up for Etsy here.

There are four quick and easy steps to set up your shop from here:

1. Provide Seller Info

What country and currency you use, etc.

2. Name Your Shop

Easy enough. Keep in mind ALL of your products will be tied to this name (unlike Merch by Amazon).

3. Add listings

Go through the steps of adding a product. Do note however that this is just a step to set up your account, and this product will not be linked with Printful.

4. Set up Payment Info

This part is very straightforward.

And that’s it! You’re ready to get going with Printful!

Connect Etsy to Printful

After logging into Etsy, sign up for Printful.

Once you’re signed up, connect to Etsy here.

There will be a big red button that say “Connect to Etsy.” After that you will click “Allow Access” at the bottom of a window that pops up.

After this a green loading bar will indicate that your store is syncing with Etsy.

Once everything is set up you will get a message that looks like this. It’s time to get some products online!

Add Products

There are a TON of variations and product options on Printful. For now, let’s go with a standard Unisex T Shirt.

From here, you will need to upload you designs onto the shirt. They’ll ask you to verify that the design is yours/you have permission to use it. Play by the book on this one. You’re only hurting yourself by stealing someone else’s designs.

After this page you will have options to resize and adjust your mockup as needed. You can change how big the design is on the shirt too which is amazing! After this you will be prompted to choose which mockup image you use. Finally you will be asked to name and describe the product, in addition to adding tags. Last but not least you set the price for every size variant of the shirt. Once you submit that, your product uploads and will soon be live!

One last but VERY IMPORTANT thing. Once your product is in Etsy you need to go to Etsy and click the cog wheel next to your product and say “Edit Listing.” Here you want to add Printful as your production partner. If you do not do this Etsy may ban you from the platform.

Final Thoughts

If you’re brand new to print on demand or a long time Merch by Amazon user this is a huge opportunity. Make sure when getting started her you know what’s selling on Amazon, you list everything properly and work hard! Do yourself a favor and jump on this opportunity because it is truly incredible.

We do a LOT of research on our products too. We always use Merch Informer. Sign up today here.

Let us know how Etsy has changed your online business in the comments below!