Hey all, today we’re going to share with you how to quickly change Merch by Amazon Prices. There’s a few reasons we’re doing this right now:

Amazon is letting up on the throttling of designs.

For a long time our designs were not showing up in search results. To learn more about throttling check out our post on it here. The perfect way to combat this is to change prices so they show up in listings again.

Royalties change this month.

We wrote a more detailed explanation of it here. You will want to adjust your pricing strategy, as your lowest price shirts may be COSTING YOU money after this shift.

With this in mind, let’s look at how and why we can change prices more quickly.

Why Change Merch by Amazon Prices?

Lowering the price drives more people to buy. It may be better for you to make $3 margin on each shirt rather than $5, because that price gap will drive more people to buy your product, especially if you’re in a competitive niche.

Some people will be buying on impulse, whereas others will go into deep research on every product they buy. Personally I tend to do more research.

Who will actually buy if I lower shirt prices?

Think about this. Someone may have looked for a “cute dog shirt” and found a shirt they love for $18.99. They don’t want to buy until they get their next paycheck, so they keep it in their cart for now. If they came back and saw the shirt had been marked down for $14.99, they would likely buy from you!

On the flip side. People may just be looking for a decent “cute cat shirt” and see a lot of shirts that are $19.99, but then see one that has been lowered to $14.99 and they will buy that one?

Does this mean I should lower all of my prices?

No. Definitely not. Your designs and time are valuable, and you should price them accordingly. Stores use discounts and price reductions strategically. Obviously you want to do good research on your niche and price accordingly, but we usually price between $17.99 and $19.99 on our shirt designs.

Another thing to note is that many people associate lower price with lower quality, and you definitely do not want this associate with your product. When figuring out how to price shirts, we use Merch Informer, a super helpful research tool. Learn more about it here!

When to Change Merch by Amazon Prices?

Wait until the product has 2 – 3 weeks before the product is taken down, and then discount the price to a number that still turns a profit, but you feel comfortable with. You don’t want to go around constantly changing prices, as it will confuse and alienate customers. It is likely the shirts you discount won’t sell, but it’s worth a shot. We’ve found that most successful shirt designs usually sell within a few days.

How to Change Merch by Amazon Prices Quickly?

  1. Log into your Merch Dashboard
  2. Click Manage > Filter by Live > 100 results per page.
  3. Click Page 1. Select how many ‘Pending Removal” designs you want to edit. Let’s say 10 for example.
  4. If using Chrome, hit Command C to copy the Manage Page URL, and press Command T then Command V to duplicate into a new tab.
  5. We want to change the price for 10 shirts, so do this 8 times.

From here we want to edit the price as quickly as possible.

First, you’d go through each tab and click actions and edit. Be careful not to edit the same shirt you’ve opened in a previous tab. Then go through all tabs again, edit the price and save. Last go through each tab one time and click submit.

This makes the process much faster!

Who Actually Needs To Do This?

If you’re at tier 10 or 25, you’re probably wondering what anyone would ever need this hack. This is more geared toward tier 100 and above.

As always thanks for reading, let us know what you think!