Hey everyone, today we want to show you Pretty Merch.

We wanted to share something with you today that has made our lives and the lives of so many other March by Amazon sellers so much easier. For the past couple of years the User Interface (fancy term for how the screen looks) has been pretty much the same. Thankfully, someone recently decided to fix this. Pretty March has saved the day. There’s a new plugin that you can use for Amazon that will make your landing page look like this:

Here’s a link to download this amazing plugin.

It does so much that the old Amazon interface didn’t do. It shows you:

  • How many shirts you’ve sold in the last day, week, month and previous month.
  • The royalties for all these values.
  • How many uploads you have left for the day
  • How many designs you have live.

If you don’t know quite how to do this, never fear, we’ll lay out the instructions.


1. Make Google Chrome your default browser.

Instead of using Safari or Firefox, get on Google Chrome. I’ve been using it for 6 years now, it’s great.


2. Get the pretty merch plugin

Visit this link and select the button to ADD TO CHROME. This will instill the Pretty Merch plugin into your Chrome Browser.


3. That’s it!

Log into your March By Amazon account and then your new and beautiful interface will be there waiting for you. They update from time to time, and you will get a notification when this happens. This plugin has saved us so much time, effort and frustration of trying to crunch the numbers and track the data ourselves. Thanks so much to the folks over at Pretty Merch for making an incredible plugin that is completely FREE! We’re so stoked to be using it, and how you get value out of it as well.

Another amazing Merch by Amazon plugin is Merch Informer. See our writeup on it here.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions. Happy selling! Thanks so much for reading.