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Merch by Amazon Success Stories

We want to celebrate the success of others in online business, while helping newcomers get their start. We’re proud to introduce Success Stories. Here we feature interviews of people who found success selling online! This week we have Merch Orca! Read what they had to say below!


What were you doing for work before you started eCommerce?

Before eComm I bought and sold real estate. I still do this, but we do a lot fewer projects now.


How did you get your start in eCommerce / Amazon / etc?

I first got into selling on Amazon after I found Chris Green talking about FBA. That was prob 4 years ago now. We sold mostly toys and some grocery items and it really gave me a good understanding of the platform. I think my background in FBA helped me to get started Merch by Amazon but we still had a lot more learn about this new opportunity.


What were some of your struggles at first?

 We made a lot of mistakes when we started selling on Merch By Amazon. 
The biggest mistake, I think, was grossly over paying for designs. We tried to reach out to some top graphic designers and highly skilled illustrators. Back then we paid almost $800 per design.


When was the moment when you “made it” or realized that you were on to something? How did you feel?

Since we couldnt continue paying those crazy amounts for designs. We had to explore different approaches. Thats when we started to realize that simple text designs could sell just as well as detailed illustrations. We could easily produce 20 different designs ourselves everyday very quickly, and they would start selling. We had managed to drop the cost of producing tshirt designs to almost zero.
It then became a simple matter of scaling up and producing more designs.
It felt amazing and it still amazes me. Merch By Amazon really is one of the best opportunities to make money online at the moment.


How much time and work would you say you put in to your store?

My wife and I work on our store full time now. Everyday its at least 8 to 10 hours of designing and uploading.


What would you say to anyone who is interested or considering entering the eCommerce market? Where would you begin?

At moment I would advise anyone who wants to start their own biz to start with merch by amazon and other print on demand sites. The barrier to entry is so low and its not very difficult to make an extra $500 or even $1000 a month doing it.


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