Merch informer has introduced an update to their platform. They now have real time search capabilities. You can also search for long sleeves, hoodies, t-shirts for FBA & FBM. We wrote an article about long sleeves here. They also updated their code so that the site works at a much faster speed! Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Merch Informer Adds Real Time Search

People can now search niches in real time to see how products are performing, and design better accordingly. This will be a slower process than instant searches in Merch Hunter, but you can still use it whenever you like.

To do a real time search, go to Product Search and enter your preferred keyword. It takes a while to load, but this is standard. The search results show 100 top shirt results as well as highest price, lowest price and average price.

The product search will show the top 100 shirts. At the top you can see the lowest price offered, the highest price, and the average price for the category you are searching for.

Added Long Sleeves, Hoodies, FBA & FBM Shirts

FBA/FBM Shirts

FBA FBM Shirts

Please note that while these shirts are competition on Amazon. Your main competition is Merch by Amazon sellers, as Amazon prioritizes them over 3rd party sellers. Either way you get a better understanding of how the whole niche looks.

Merch by Amazon Shirts

merch by amazon shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts
long sleeve shirts

Most accounts do not currently have access to Sweatshirts.



Most accounts do not currently have access to Hoodies. However, now is still a great time to sign up for Merch Informer and do your research!

This is likely just the beginning of the expansion of Merch by Amazon’s product offerings. As the platform continues to expand. It’s likely they will add additional print on demand products to their lineup. We’ve been using Merch Informer for 4 months now, and it’s been a complete game changer for our sales and ability to expand our product line.

Code Changes

Another change being made to Merch Informer is their back end. In the past shirts did not always show up in search results. As a result of the update any shirt you search will show up, vastly improving your niche research process!

Final Thoughts

Merch informer has already proved to be incredibly useful platform. We’re excited to see what new features they roll out in the coming months. Thanks for reading!

Side note: we are currently in the progress of writing our first Ebook about the Merch by Amazon system and we’re so excited to share it wth you!