Hey everybody, we want to talk about Merch by Amazon upload limits today.

Why can’t I upload as many shirts as before?

My business partner & I woke up to find that our Merch by Amazon upload limit had been reduced to 3 a day! We were shocked and frustrated by this, and know there are a LOT of other people out there feeling the same way. I’ve seen people posting about their upload limits being reduced, and their anxieties & frustrations. People are wondering if this could be the end of their thriving business. We want to unpack why this might be happening, and hopefully put some of you at ease. Let’s get to it.

The Upload Limit on our Merch by Amazon Dashboard

Reason 1: Increased Supply, Decreased Demand

This is a very basic business principle, but it makes sense when you think about it. A couple years ago only a few people used Merch by Amazon. Now there are tens of thousands of users on a daily basis (like you and I) making great designs that sell. Amazon sees this trend, and now does not need hundreds of thousands of uploads.

Reason 2: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Amazon recently started allowing more of their sellers to upload long sleeve designs. In the past couple years there have been problems in the holiday seasons where Amazon cannot keep up with demand. This problem has been made worse because now EVERYONE is uploading long sleeve designs. As a solution to this overload, Amazon cut back the number of uploads so that they can try and keep their customers happy and fulfill orders on time.

Reason 3: Upload Limits Weed Out the Competition

Merch by Amazon has absolutely EXPLODED over the last 6 months, and Amazon now has too many sellers. In order to solve this problem, they are placing limitations on us as sellers in order to see who will rise to the challenge. It used to be a quantity game, now it’s a quality game. No more chasing trends, but instead we have to make designs that are great.

So now what?

Keep in mind that this is all speculative. We are just as frustrated as you are that Amazon has placed limitations on us as sellers. What do we do now? We keep hustling. Every upload matters, now more than ever. Make sure you’ve properly researched your niche, designed a killer t shirt, and optimize it carefully.

We’d love to hear your observations, theories and frustrations as well. We’re all in this together!

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Thanks so much for reading.

– Merch Dudes