Hey everyone, there’s been a huge buzz around Merch by Amazon long sleeve shirts, and we wanted to share our thoughts on them.

Introducing Long Sleeves on Merch by Amazon

Many of you recently received this email. Essetino Artists just posted a video update on it too.

Our email confirmations to sell merch by amazon long sleeve shirts


Now before you go thinking this is going to make you even MORE money on MBA, let’s consider a few things.

Pro: Long Sleeve Shirts are a Less Saturated Market

People have been pushing shirts onto Amazon every day for quite a while now. If you haven’t noticed, the market is getting pretty saturated. T shirts will probably be our bread and butter for the foreseeable future. It is exciting to have a new product!


Con: Merch by Amazon Long Sleeve Shirts Have Higher Production Cost Which Means Lower Profits

We rely heavily on Amazon to give us a solid cut of the royalties when we make a sale. With long sleeve shirts, Amazon takes a hefty $21.25 cut per listing. This is constantly changing though. See our article on Amazon’s ever-changing royalty structure. That means we have to price long sleeve shirts significantly higher to make a decent profit per sale.


Pro & Con: It’s a Seasonal Product

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wear long sleeves very often. A quick look at some message boards reveals some negative feelings towards long sleeve shirts. They get pretty warm, they’re harder to put on and take off, they restrict movement, etc.


Con: Everyone is working on it

You weren’t the only one who got that email we showed you. It’s going to be an uphill battle now that everyone is frantically designing long sleeve shirts for the holidays.


Our Conclusion

We’re really excited about the potential of long sleeve t shirts on Amazon. At the same time, we’re not TOO excited about it. There are some benefits and concerns about working with long sleeves. We will definitely pursue them as a part of our inventory, but we won’t be slacking on our t shirt game either (I’m wearing a t shirt as I write this).


What do you think about long sleeve shirts? Let us know in the comments and follow us for more updates & promotions.

Thanks for reading.