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How To Fund Your Freelance Career With Passive Income

*Originally written by Micah for freelancers in the Film Industry, this post is particularly helpful for any freelancers looking to expand their passive income* Full Disclosure: I am writing this 100% for free, on my own accord and without any sponsorship / partnerships or agreements. I am passionate about educating other filmmakers and equipping them

How to Quickly Change Merch by Amazon Prices

Hey all, today we're going to share with you how to quickly change Merch by Amazon Prices. There's a few reasons we're doing this right now: Amazon is letting up on the throttling of designs. For a long time our designs were not showing up in search results. To learn more about throttling check out

Merch Informer – Understanding Amazon Merch’s Most Powerful Tool

Merch Informer is without a doubt one of the most well-used and “killer apps” of the Merch by Amazon World. Do a little research for yourself and check -- nearly all of the power users in the Amazon Merch world are using the Merch Informer platform to grow their businesses. So what exactly does it