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How To Fund Your Freelance Career With Passive Income

*Originally written by Micah for freelancers in the Film Industry, this post is particularly helpful for any freelancers looking to expand their passive income* Full Disclosure: I am writing this 100% for free, on my own accord and without any sponsorship / partnerships or agreements. I am passionate about educating other filmmakers and equipping them

How to Quickly Change Merch by Amazon Prices

Hey all, today we're going to share with you how to quickly change Merch by Amazon Prices. There's a few reasons we're doing this right now: Amazon is letting up on the throttling of designs. For a long time our designs were not showing up in search results. To learn more about throttling check out

Merch Informer Adds Real Time Search Update

Merch informer has introduced an update to their platform. They now have real time search capabilities. You can also search for long sleeves, hoodies, t-shirts for FBA & FBM. We wrote an article about long sleeves here. They also updated their code so that the site works at a much faster speed! Let's take a

A Beginner’s Guide to How to Sell on Etsy

Cat's out of the bag. Almost every internet entrepreneur knows how easy it is now to start a t shirt business with Merch by Amazon. What people are less aware of is the amazing platform rolled out so people can sell on Etsy. This is another amazing opportunity to get in early with Etsy as

Merch by Amazon T Shirt Printing Throttling Designs During Holiday Season

Hey everyone, the Amazon T Shirt Printing business Merch by Amazon has been throttling designs like crazy the last couple weeks. You might not know what this means yet, so lets get right to it. What is "throttling" on Merch by Amazon? It's when Amazon removes your listing from the Amazon platform. We've had multiple

What Really Happened With The Merch By Amazon Upload Freeze

It's cold outside and our Merch by Amazon upload limits are freezing. What happened to our Merch by Amazon Upload Limits? A couple weeks ago, Merch by Amazon put a hold on all users uploading shirts to Amazon. The great Amazon Merch Freeze of 2017. In November our upload limit went from 10 to 5.

Merch by Amazon Royalties Go Down Starting January 15th

Merch by Amazon announced yesterday that they are reducing the amount of royalties a merchant collects per shirt due to an “increased cost to support merch” including raw materials, transportation, storage, fulfillment and ability to detect fraud. These effects will take place on January 15th, 2018.  On average it looks like the merch user can expect

Could Upload Limits End Merch by Amazon?

Hey everybody, we want to talk about Merch by Amazon upload limits today. Why can't I upload as many shirts as before? My business partner & I woke up to find that our Merch by Amazon upload limit had been reduced to 3 a day! We were shocked and frustrated by this, and know there

Will Long Sleeve Shirts on Merch by Amazon Make You More Money?

Hey everyone, there’s been a huge buzz around Merch by Amazon long sleeve shirts, and we wanted to share our thoughts on them. Introducing Long Sleeves on Merch by Amazon Many of you recently received this email. Essetino Artists just posted a video update on it too.   Now before you go thinking this is

How to Deal With Copycat Designs on Merch by Amazon

“Art is theft” - Pablo Picasso As a creative, I’ve been dealing with copycats all my life. This has become even more of an issue since I started selling t shirts online. No one likes to be called a copycat, but what is a copycat? In MBA we call it someone who steals a design and