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How to Deal With Copycat Designs on Merch by Amazon

“Art is theft” - Pablo Picasso As a creative, I’ve been dealing with copycats all my life. This has become even more of an issue since I started selling t shirts online. No one likes to be called a copycat, but what is a copycat? In MBA we call it someone who steals a design and

Pretty Merch Will Make Your Merch By Amazon Business So Much Easier

Hey everyone, today we want to show you Pretty Merch. We wanted to share something with you today that has made our lives and the lives of so many other March by Amazon sellers so much easier. For the past couple of years the User Interface (fancy term for how the screen looks) has been

How I made $360 in 7 Days Doing Absolutely Nothing

Yes your read that correctly. Passive income making $360 in 7 days without lifting a finger.   How are we doing this? As crazy as it sounds my business partner and I are making money selling t shirts online through Amazon. In the past couple months we’ve made thousands of dollars passively.   All that

Merch by Amazon FAQs

Hey everyone, this week we have some answers to Merch by Amazon FAQs. You Probably are Trying to Figure Out How to Get Things Set Up. Merch by Amazon has not been around for very long. Because of this there are sometimes glitches, issues and basic things that new users do not fully understand. For

Make Money Online Without Merch by Amazon and Be Prepared When You Get It

Good things come to those who wait… Nope. Especially not when it comes to trying to make money online. If we had waited to get started on Merch by Amazon for a few months I don’t know where we’d be. Even when you get started, you don’t have many shirts you can upload. So what

Welcome to Merch Dudes!

Hey everyone, welcome to Merch Dudes! Wanted to make a post to introduce ourselves. We're Soren & Micah, the founders of Merch Dudes. We've been selling Merch on Amazon for about 6 months now. We set out with the goal to be able to pay our rent with money from our sales, and we're pretty